Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Catch me if you can term 3 reflection

Our catch me if you can video
Catch Me If You Can

This term we have been learning to get free for a pass. We have practiced a dodge, a change of pass and using a change of direction to get away from a defender so we are free for a pass.

Task: Create a video to demonstrate your learning
Success Criteria:
· Use a good filming technique
· Think about your pass
· Name the move you are doing
· Clearly show the move
· Show a variety of moves

2 Stars and a wish
· use the 2 stars to think about 2 things you really liked and got better at during this terms catch me if you can
· use the wish to think about 1 thing that could be

My writing

WALT: write to inform

Success Criteria
  • Create a clear image in the readers mind
  • Have a clear message (big idea)
  • Powerful words (precise, clear)
  • Reread writing and check for impact
I chose this because I think I get better at writing by looking back at it

The reason I like this writing is because I think people could learn from this

I need to practise...
I am pleased about...

WALT: edit and publish our writing

Success Criteria
  • Use a font and colour that can be easily read
  • Must make sense
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Change at least 3 words to add impact for the reader
My weird trip my mum was packing the TV and an alien came shooting lazer beams at mum.the alien looked like the alien I once saw on TV because it was green and had red eyes.As the alien was shooting at mum mum ran into the car like if there was no mum drove the car I poked  out a mirror to deflect the laser beam and I destroyed the alien.but that was not the only weird thing that happened.when I was thinking about the alien that was from my TV a guy with a jet pack came on the roof of the car and he had a gun.the man looked like another thing from TV because he was short and had orange hair but I was curious about the man so I grabbed my grand fathers gun and climbed out of the car.I needed to be smart about the guy so I shot his jet pack.after I shot the jet pack I slipped of the car my hand was the only thing that was on the car but the jet pack guy stepped on my hand but then I realilazed  that the TV made all the weird things I opened the boot went in the boot throw the TV out the boot then I was at Auckland.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

math post

Maths Sample

The blue question is the easiest and the green question is the most difficult.

Task:        Choose at least 2 questions to answer and record the questions, thinking and answers on your blog. Your thinking may be in the form of photos (from your maths book or using equipment or a whiteboard), an educreations or show me clip.

Success Criteria:
o   Question, thinking and answer recorded
o   Clear thinking
o   Use what you know to help
o   Correct answer (buddy check)


You have 20 jellybeans to place on a cake.
Each ¼ of the cake should have the same number of jellybeans on it.
How many jellybeans go on each ¼=5 because a half of 20 is 10 a half of 10 is 5

Alex and his friends ate 12 slices of pizza.
Each slice is ¼ of a pizza.
How many pizzas do they eat altogether=3
12-4=8 and that is one pizza 8-4 is 4 thats two pizzas and 4-4=0 thats 3 pizzas

There are 20 lollies on a birthday cake.
If you eat 2/5 of the cake, how many lollies do you eat?
2 and a half plus two and a half is 5

There are 30 children who go to a country school. 3/5 of them travel to school by bus.
How many children is that = 7
7 and a half plus 7 and a half is 15

Reflection ECG
Thinking back over your fraction learning…

How do you feel about your learning or what you have learned?
Nothing because I don't need help
What do you know and/or understand?
Lots of stuff
What could you do now to further your learning?
More math

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goal fish

WALT: set SMART goals
Task: set a learning goal, a behaviour goal and an at home goal. Create a goal fish to display you goals.

Success Criteria
I can read my goals
My goals are specific
My goals are measurable
My goals are important to me

Reflection Questions

I think
My learning partner thinks
I can read my 
i can read my goals because the writing is black and my fish is orange

i can read his goals because the writing is a different colour then qwades fish 
My goals are specific
yes because i need to achieve them
yes  because qwade is very smart so he needs to get more smart
My goals are measurable
yes because it is a little big
yes because you can see it from a distance
My goals are important to me
yes because i need to get more smart
they are important to qwade because he needs to improve on his learning
You have thought hard about your goals picking things that are important to you! You should be very proud of how hard you have worked to get to the top of the basic facts ladder, now it is time to consolidate and practise! Qwade you are 'smart' and this post shows that you think about what you are doing and why it is important, you used the success criteria and the task to create goals that are important to you and specific.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

reading post

Task: use the ‘get it, sort it, use it’ model of inquiry to find out about the commonwealth games and share what we have learned.

WALT: use our prior knowledge to help us understand what we read.  (Get it)
WALT: Summarise what we read to help us understand what we read.   (Get it and Sort it)
WALT: use what we have learned from our reading. (Use it)

Success Criteria
ü 10 questions
ü Only one correct answer per question
ü Clear questions (not ambiguous)
ü Image matches the question

Reflection Questions

I followed the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry getting the info for the questions i get in the future because it could help one day.

My next step when I use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process is do it fast because I don't that fast.

The fun part of the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process was to watch more commonwealth games because I don't that much.
Great reflection Qwade, you have made the connection between using the 'get it, sort it, use it' inquiry model for this reading task and how you can use it to help you with your learning in the future!
You used your reading strategies to help as you read to make meaning and grow your understanding and knowledge about the Commonwealth Games. You and your group worked to create a kahoot and we had fun using them in class. When using kahoot, it can be tricky to make sure there is only one answer and the questions are clear.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Te Reo


WALTuse Te Reo in a simple conversation.

Task: create a puppet pals animation to share your Te Reo learning.

Success Criteria
  • clear voice
  • saying the right words (makes sense) 
  • animation matches the words
  • trying our best pronunciation

I think
My learning partner thinks
I used a clear voice
I had a clear voice
Qwade had a clear voice
I used the right words
I used the right words
Qwade did use the right words
My animation matched my words
Not really
He dident really
What did I find challenging? 
Being in a three
It was a puppet pals
What did I like about…
I don't know

You and your group created a fantastic animation using Te Reo. You used the success criteria and made sure you used a clear voice and careful pronunciation so your audience could understand your message. What could you do differently next time to try and make the animation movement better match your words? Perhaps one of the characters could leave when you say goodbye.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Grasshopper Tennis

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.46.38 pm.png

WALT: improve our small ball skills and racket control skills.

Success Criteria
I think
My buddy thinks
I can balance and move the tennis ball on my racket.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.08 pm.png
Because the sides of the racket hold the ball
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.08 pm.png
I think Qwade is awesome at it because the ball newserly dose isn't fall off 
I can use the ‘temple’ position to hit the ball across the net to my partner.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.23 pm.png
Because the ball lands on the net
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.23 pm.png
I think Qwade is midilush because sometimes it hits the net
I can use my skills to play games like ‘just juice’ and ‘lobster tennis’.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.35 pm.png
Because I was last at both games
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.08 pm.png
I think  Qwade is fantastic at the games because he uses all of his skills 
Use the smiley faces to help in your assessment…
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.35 pm.pngScreen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.23 pm.pngScreen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.54.08 pm.png
Choose which smiley you are and add a because to explain why that is what you have chosen.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


WALT: summarise what we read Success Criteria: Find the key words Record the main ideas Retell what we have read.What have you learned:how to summary because I was away when the kids were told.Why is it important:because if u don't summarise people won't get the picture.How are you going to use what you have learned:by helping me summary because I forget things a lot.What is your next learning step:to do it strate away because forgot that the internet was weird.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

integrity video

Remember to include the WALT, task and success criteria and also answer the reflection questions.

WALT: demonstrate integrity (The value for term 3 is: Integrity)
Task: We are going to create an i-movie.
ü We need to show an example of Integrity
ü Explain the definition of Integrity
ü Explain why our clip is demonstrating integrity
How will we know our movie is successful?
ü    up to 30 seconds long
ü   clear camera work (thinking about the sun, keeping the camera still-moving slowly, in focus)
ü    clear voices (volume, wind, background noises, mumbling)
ü clear message - might need to explain the images (text to match the words)
How do you feel about your integrity movie:great
What parts of it do you particularly like and why:when Thomas helped Libby because that was the right to do
What did/do you enjoy about your integrity movie:that Thomas is doing the right thing
How do you feel about your integrity movie:good because it took a lot of work to figure out what to do.
What parts of it do you particularly like and why:when Thomas  helps Libby because it was the right thing to do.
What did/do you enjoy about your integrity movie:when Thomas was showing integrity because it was the right thing to do.