Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Writing the diamond minecart

Draft 2
The diamond minecart was born somewhere in the uk his father was in the army so he had to go place to place and the diamond minecart or Dan for short had to go to different schools all the time. Dan was shy because he had go to diffrent schools and have to lose his friends and have to make new ones.But lucky dan has video games dan and his brother played all the time but then dans father and mother split up and then had to live with his mum and vist his dad once a week.Dan was way more shy then he ever was because without his dad to cheer him up dan didn't want to find friends but then he found a group of people who was bound to have everyone brave and not shy.Dan did get bad grades a lot but it never puts him off but there was a girl that was in the same classes as Dan and became girlfriend and boyfriend.When Dan was in college he purposed to his girlfriend and said 'yes'.Unfortunly Dans girlfriend got a really bad sickness but 8 months later she was better and got married and got two pugs.

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  1. Qwade, you have really impressed me with your writing. I really like the way you have given us lots of information about Dan's life. You have managed to describe things that have happened in is life. Ka mau te wehi!