Tuesday, 24 February 2015

WRITING how Maui slowed the sun

Draft 2
A long time ago there was a man called Maui once Maui found a magic jawbone... But that's another story this is how Maui slowed the sun. In the olden days the sun went super fast Maui and his brothers didn't have time to do anything so Maui convinced his brothers to help him slow the sun. In the conversation about trying to slow the sun "come one we need more time but the sun is to fast" Maui said "but the sun will burn us all" said one of the brother "then let's make make ropes and clothes at of flax so we don't get burned"
WALT retell a Myth / Legend about Maui
Success Criteria: we will know we have achieved this when
we have
capital letters to start sentences?
full stops to end sentences?
At least 2 characters?
A setting? Where
An opening sentence
what the characters, see, hear,
smell, touch or feel?
an exciting part or a problem
an ending where the problem is
different words to start sentences?
speech marks for words spoken

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  1. Qwade can you please send me a copy of your writing so I can help you edit it. I have really enjoyed reading your writing. Maybe next time you can make sure you have proof read your writing, to make sure it makes sense.