Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Today my class is going to stay the night at a marae with troys class we even bring our buddy classes. 
"Qwade wake up" said mum "wow I finally get to sleep with my class (and some of my friends in troys class) this will be cool" as I wake up I go on to my computer to watch videos I really like doing it because the things I watch is funny as soon as I have to go (witch is about 7:30 or 7:45 and I get to school right in time) I rushed to get to the car "I beat you to the car mum you slowpoke". When we got to school I had to put our bags in the hall and some people got to bring some stuff for supper and everyone had to wait till the 2nd bell rang after the bell rang we waited and waited for the bus then we got on I was actually really bored we past mc Donald's kfc ashhurst (my home) and my cussins house. "Finally we got to the marae" I said when we got off the bus Reagan got car sick and spewed everywhere it was gross. So when I tried to get my bag I just noticed that I didn't get it so I stealthly sneaked to my mum but she didn't have my bag so I went to get it back first in the marae we had to sit down on the chairs and sing songs and touch noses (they are called another name not touching noses but I can't spell it). Secendly we had brunch I played tag no one won because we didn't have that much time so we did some activates 1st activate we had to play with these really short stick things we made music with them we banged them on the ground then we knocked them twice then we did the same thing but instead of knocking them together twice we did it once then we knocked one to our little buddy's stick (but for me my little buddy hit me 😭 it really hurt) the last one we smashed our sticks to the ground then we smacked the whole things on the ground then flip them 2nd activate we played with these long sticks if someone said right we had to make the stick point right and have your arms a little twisted same thing with right but you had to point it right same with down and up. 3rd activate you had to take photos of stuff that is all (all I did was chase my buddy because he is annoying and because I have I person that helps me take care of the buddy/caidyn he took photos. now it is lunch right now (well right now I'm being chocked and sat on by my buddy he is really annoying) after I eat I go to stroll around with Luke he is one of my friends (actually he is the one who includes me the most so he is a little bit my best friend I have no idea why I should just share this with the world I thought that no one was going to read these parts at all but you still can read this any way) we were talking about random game. Now we are continuing the activates so now I'm up to activate 4 first all we do is make agel fish out of flax last activate we have to say fork spoon knife in patterns then we said can I have a fork or a spoon or a knife then we sketched. After all those activates we had to say our mihi then the buddy's left "I'm going to miss you" I said but a wasn't going to miss my buddy my buddy is mean (not any more because he changed). It's for afternoon tea then we got our bunks and sheats (I had to sleep with my mum 😳 how embarrassing). then we did little games and making paper planes now it is dinner I had loads of chips and there was pancake cake with chocolate sauce and some sort of white stuff we are now practiceing our story telling my story was how Maui fished North Island it's time for story telling. Now after a lot of story's I am going to have supper now I'm really tried time to go to sleep 😴. It's morning we put our clothes on and now it's breakfast I'm so pumped for the gorge walk after some games it's brunch time to eat and prepare our lunch for the gorge walk after we welcome 4 more classes. Now we are off to the gorge walk after the gorge walk I almost died "well I'm glad that's over".

Monday, 30 March 2015

My writing letter

25 Russell street

March 31st 2015

Dear mum thank you for helping me with those long sticks (well I guess they are a little bit like sticks I know they aren't called sticks but I forgot what they are actual name is but I'm calling them long sticks) if someone else was doing your job I would be lost.the gorge walk was really long but lucky we survived I'm still really puffed thanks

From Qwade

Sunday, 8 March 2015


WALT: apply our knowledge of the story by contacting a model

We. Have don a big car model for our story 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My math thingy

w.a.l.t find the number of crosses in the repeating patten.