Tuesday, 9 June 2015

MY HIGHLIGHTS OF SCIENCE (I think) - Science assessment

Plants in Action Assessment
NOS Matrix - Level 2 - Investigating in Science - Carry out science investigations using a variety of approaches: classifying and identifying, pattern seeking, exploring, investigating models, fair testing, making things, or developing systems.
NOS Capabilities:  
- making meaning from observations
- using evidence to support ideas
- critique evidence

Self Assessment -
Check through all your Science Learning
for the term.
Success Criteria: I can
Peer Assessment -
Please check through all of their Science Learning for the term.
Name: qwade
  • Yes I did Describe some observations L2
  • I did not Contribute questions in discussions L2
  • I did not Predict possible outcomes L2
  • Yes I did Carry out simple observations and records relevant data L2
  • I did Report on some or all of their investigations in an organised way L2.
  • I did not Use models / photo’s to demonstrate my science ideas L2.


Overall, how well do you think your talking partner has done?


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