Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hi my reading - WALT use reciprocal reading

Qwades summary: The buildings was the thing that made the Egyptians Popular.
Qwades predictions: I think the Egyptians lived like kings and made everyone slaves
I wonder what the pharaohs and queens wore in ancient Egypt and who is Hatshepsut?
Qwade 2nd summary: The pharaohs and queens where they wore a false beard and a crown of Cobras
Qwades prediction part 2: I think it's about Ancient Egypt mummies and stuff like that
Qwades clarifying: 2 nope I understand
Qwades summarsing: The gods have animal heads
Qwades predicting: I think mummies again (just because I love mummies)
Qwade questioning: Where do the guts and stuff go after the mummy is in the coffin? What is on top of the mummy in the coffin?
Qwades summarising: MUMMIES are made from a human with no brains no intestines and other organs.
Qwades prediction: I want to see more gods and MUMMIES
Qwades questioning: Do mummies get poked in the mouth with a stick?
Qwades summary: Mummy's get poked in the mouth with a stick.
Qwade prediction: I hope ITS ABOUT MUMMIES
Qwade summary: It's about how pyramids work
Qwade questioning: What are pyramids made of?
Qwades predicting: Umm maybe more mummies?
Qwades summary: Some pharaohs are buried under ground
Qwade questions: What is the name of the underground tombs?
Qwade prediction I want something cool like mummies I guess.
Qwades summary: Pharaohs and their queens worshiped gods in temples.
Qwade questions: Why do people go to temples?
Qwade prediction: I hope it's about MUMMIES again
Summarising by Qwade: It's about hieroglyphics and why they use them.
Questioning by Qwade: What are hieroglyphics?
Prediction by Qwade: Maybe it's about their games and stuff
Summary by Qwade: It's about old games and toys
Questioning by Qwade: What are the names of some of the old games?

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  1. Hi Qwade, I have loved looking through your blog!! This post caught my attention because we have visited Egypt! I asked the same question-what are pyramids made of? And the answer was limestone-millions and millions of pieces. I bet this book was fascinating. Keep up the awesome blog :)