Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I liked

WALT write a recount about an idea we had in our writers notebook.

Success Criteria - Co constructed

I liked

I was on YouTube all of a sudden the tv turned off and then the lights went out then Paige said "it's a power cut" I didn't care at all. It was really boring we decided to play monopoly we had to use our candles I am afraid of fire. I went to check on my Nan (also my cousin was there and she helped me) my Nan gave us ice blocks "YUM!" It was tasty. When I tried to sit down I tripped and bruised my leg I couldn't play monopoly that was sad but I had my iPad. Suddenly the lights turned on "finally but what's with the flickering lights?" Don't worry my mum fixed it so then I just kept playing on my iPad and that's it, you can stop reading now, bye see yah later? Come on! Stop reading don't you know a ending when you see one SHOO! oh my god please just stop reading it this is getting old so go you know what I'm just going to stand over there... You are still reading 'inhale' this is getting really old so now I'm just going to say it's the end, story over.

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