Monday, 24 August 2015

My reading about myths and legends

Qwades prediction- It's going to be about telling us that myths are about old stories
Qwades questioning- Why do people tell myths they are fake?
Qwades summarising- Myths and legends are telling people lessons and stories
Qwades prediction its- About more gods
Qwades questioning- Whats the tale of merlin?
Qwades summarising- Its about how storytelling works
Qwades prediction- Magic!!!!!!!
Qwades questioning- What's a magic carpet do?
Qwades summarising- Its about a magic carpet
Qwades prediction- A story about rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Qwades questing- Did rainbows gave us food and rain?
Qwades summary- Rainbows saved the humans
Prediction- Tigers tigers
Qwades- Question what attacked Hercules in the beginning of the story?
Qwades- Summary fighting solves everything
Prediction- Basketball player or something
Qwades question- What is the name of the basketball player?
Qwades summary- Basketball players can do miracles
Qwades prediction- Explosions
Qwades question- was there any smoke at the volcano?
Summary- Sacrifice for the good of the volcano
Prediction- Masks
Question- How do you make a mask?
Qwades summary- This is how you make a mask
Qwades prediction- Legends
Qwades question- What's a legend?
Qwades summary- This is about legends
Qwades prediction- Ned Kelly 
Qwades question- Are all legends good?
Qwades summary- Not all legends are good
Qwades prediction- FOOD
qwades question- Are there any strong people in the Wild West?
Qwades summary- It's all about the Wild West
Qwades prediction- Its about stars
Qwades questing- Do stars make shapes?
Qwades summary- Stars make shapes
Qwades prediction- MORE FOOD
Qwades questions- Who is that chef?
Qwades summary- It's about a chef
Qwades prediction- Legends
Qwades question- Do kids dress up like gods?
Qwades summary- Kids can dress up like gods and legends
Qwades prediction- I DON'T KNOW
Qwades question- Are legends and myths similar?
Qwades summary- Myths and legends are the same
Qwades prediction- Magic
Qwades question- Is this about time travel?
Qwades summary- This is about time travel
Qwades Prediction- FOOD PLZ
Qwades question- Do myths and legends belong to people who died ages ago?
Qwades summary- Its about impossible stories like wrestling dragons
Qwades prediction- Letters
Qwades question- Are firefighters brave?
Qwades Summarising- Be brave
Qwades prediction- Mervyn
Qwades question- Who's mervyn?
Qwades summary- Mervyn is a myth expert

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