Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Writing mystery

WALT write our own Mysteries

Success Criteria:

Make the story exciting - by adding juicy, descriptive words,
Plan - use a variety of planning tools, like mind maps and story mountains etc
Plot - you need to know what's happening next
Clues to make it a mystery
Problem - to be solved
Beginning - draw the reader in by setting the scene - crime scene
make sure it's in the right order,
Characters - investigators, culprit, (the person who committed the crime), suspects (people you may question about the crime that may have been involved)
need to be ordinary people
solve the mystery 

Sherlock  Holmes crimes and punishments: chapter 1 the fate of black Peter
This is a draft
Right now Watson is doing something and hears gun shots he tries to take cover so he told Sherlock to stop right in front of sherlocks gun Sherlock has some company all of a sudden looks like black Peter was murdered yesterday Sherlock goes to wood mans lee to investigate the murder of black Peter. In wood mans lee Sherlock found some mysterious footprints but who cares about that lets talk to peters wife she looks like she has something to hide we will get back to that after we check out black Peter himself but before he went in the hut he saw scratches on the door looks like that someone forced the door last night but let's carry on now Sherlock saw black Peter looks like he was impaled by this harpoon look some stuff a sailer would have but what's this some space in the shelf looks like something was there a while ago maybe a box or a mini chest now let's help our selfs to everything here so first let's look in this big chest it has nothing but a per of boots looks like these boots don't match the foot prints from before interesting then Sherlock found some smokes and it belongs to sailers so that means that he used to be a sailer that gives us a hint looks like he had a dagger and a book. The book has some random numbers and letters this might be useful in the future. So Sherlock found a plan the scratches on the door must mean someone tried to open the door and get in but he didn't succeed so he might be back this night so they wanted to ambush the guy so they did and it was a young man he went to jail Sherlock talked to him and looked at what he has look he had the notebook but why did he have it the young man didn't tell him. Looks like the father of the young man is black peters partner well use to be until something happens the young man has to clean fish for a job (for some odd reason) he also has scars and scratches on him. Looks like they found another suspect he won't tell anything to Sherlock Holmes sounds suspicious let's let him stay in jail for now. Looks like one of peters sailor buddy's is some where around here in London in a bar Sherlock should be in a disguise so the sailor will talk about his history about black Peter and him. Sherlock Holmes (for some odd reason) becomes Irish and haves a drink with the sailer looks like the smokes was his all along black Peter is evil. Looks like the man that won't tell Sherlock anything has a secret box and its full of love letters from peters wife to that man that won't tell Sherlock anything wanted to kill black Peter to get back the person that he loved. The sailer doesn't like black Peter he thinks he's evil maybe it could be the man that had the love letters but the love letters would make someone to kill or maybe the young man he could have done it because he wanted the book really bad and the reason he's not telling sherlock anything about the book and because he said "I'm not telling you it's just going to make things worse.

Who do you think should go to jail answer is below

The love letter man

My made up legend

WALT create our own a Myth / legend 

Co-constructed SC:

keep your writing in order:
beginning, middle and end
make sure you have your plan
put it into your own words
use more interesting words, 
time connectives - suddenly, later, unexpectedly, meanwhile, next minute...after that
proof read your writing
highlighter strategy

Editing your story is a very important  - Make sure you read it through carefully and check:
Will your story make sense to your reader and will it interest them?
Have you given a satisfactory ending?
Is your spelling correct?
Make sure you have used a range of punctuation ,  .  !  “  “  ?  (  ) 
 Start a new paragraph for:
•A change of time, e.g. Early the next morning…
•A change of place e.g. On the other side of the mountain stood…
•A change of action e.g. At that moment the lights went out.
•A change of character e.g. Unexpectedly, Dr Townley rounded the corner.

Once upon a time there was a gamer named bob and his older brother named Qwade it was in the middle of 2035 Qwade and bob bought a awesome TV that could plug in every single console (even arcade machines mobile consoles and even iPads iPhones iPods phones tablets and other things like that) but all of sudden a portal came out of TV "wow what's happening right now!" Yelled bob "do you think I would know" yelled Qwade so they both got sucked into that portal bob got smashed onto some kind of question mark block Qwade comes towards bob "bob wake up" said Qwade "uhh what happened why is there turtles walking on two feet here and what are with the big brown triangle things with feet eyes and a mouth" as bob was looking at his strange surroundings all of a sudden a shell was sliding towards them bob and Qwade jumped over the shell but the shell hit the question mark block and a mushroom came out of it "what the heck is that" said bob going to touch it "wait bob don't touch it it might dangerous" as bob ignored his big brother when he touched the mushroom he turned bigger "what the heck just happened" said bob "you became bigger when you touched the mushroom" said Qwade "wow what is this strange place anyway" said bob "I don't know where we are but I know we can get back to our home" but all of sudden a plumber came out of nowhere and yelled (sorry I can't spell are speak Italian so it has to be in English sorry if you wanted Mario to be Italian) "hey you" "who me" said bob "yes you you stole the mushroom I got out of the question mark block" yelled the Italian plumper "hey wait you're the one who almost killed us with your shell" yelled Qwade "I don't care about you now stand still so I can get my star man" but then all of a sudden sonic the hedgehog was there and stole Mario's starman and gave it to Qwade "mario why are you doing this they are properly people from new games don't you remember the last 83 times you tried to beat up new characters including me" said sonic the hedgehog "but these people look suspicious because they said that they would die you can't die here" said Mario the plumber then all of a sudden Kirby and mega man came fighting mega man couldn't beat Kirby because Kirby ate his attacks and turned into mega Kirby and beat up mega man "whoa what is happening right now" said bob and Qwade at the same time for no exact reason "oh they are just fighting because sometimes video game characters fight for who's going to get to be in the next game right now Kirby and megaman are fighting for Kirby remastered or mega man remastered it's going to be one big fight" said sonic "hey what's this star thing do" said bob bob touched the star and then became invincible "wow why are you suddenly a different colour" then the chaos emeralds fell out of nowhere (the mailman is really bad at his job) and fell on Qwade "Qwade why is your whole body suddenly yellow" said bob "hey were did you get the chaos emeralds" (again the mailman is bad at his job because he is a flying koopa and they are really bad at their jobs) all of a sudden chell came out of nowhere (chell is the character from portal that you play as and of course she can't speak) she came with a wizard a Mage and a dryad (they are all magic of course) "we came here to look for two humans called bob and Qwade" said the wizard "you're looking for us why?" said Qwade "you two aren't from around here aren't you because you're from the world of gamers" said the Mage "wait they are from the gamer world how did I not recognise them one of them always played my old games wow it was the best but how did they get here" said Mario "they found a way to get here there were so much pixels that the pixels made a portal" said the Dryad "and the only way out is if you collect seven special items from random games remember each item has to be from different games" said the wizard "you already have 2 items but you used them which will mean you will have to find them again don't worry there are 7 paths to go choose wisely" said the Mage "there is 7 paths one will send you to bowser's castle the other leads you to eggman's base the death egg  this one will take you to the place where zelda is trapped (and you will have help from link) no one knows what will happen except link a brave and noble warrior or something yeah so let's move on this one is dr Wiley's evil fortress this way it's luigi's haunted mansion (did I mention it's haunted) this way we have the evil house/box of the ghosts (it's from pac man) this way is donkey kong's destroyed construction site (this is from the first game with Mario) and that's it" said the dryad so yeah Qwade and bob splited up to find these items right now we are going to keep track with bob he on his way to bowser's castle Mario helps because peach has been kidnapped again after he saved peach bob got the special item it was peaches cake (because it's just Really delicious ok) Qwade goes and beats up egg man with sonic and got the chaos emeralds then bob went saved zelda with link link gave his sword yay bob got another item Qwade goes with mega man and beats dr Wiley and Qwade got a spare mega buster bob goes to get the ghosts he got the ghosts with Luigi and Luigi gave bob his vacuum qwade goes to pacmans house so they can get the ghosts they got rid of the ghosts and Qwade got a power pellet bob went to save Marios old girlfriend Mario is helping for no reason at all they beat up donkey kong and Qwade got a hammer yay so now they got all the items they get back home and got to make a animation of this adventure remember kids don't buy something before anyone else or if it hasn't been tested yet. By Qwade

Monday, 14 September 2015

My Wearable arts

We are going to have a production and the whole school are making Wearable arts. I am Ra the sun god. Ra is an Egypt legend he is the God of the sun.
Here's my costume it's made of cardboard paper a lantern a skirt thing sticks and jewellery

Math yay! WALT add and subtract decimals

reading minecraft

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My reading myth model yay

This is from the book legends and myths. I have made constellations (remember these are fake)