Monday, 16 November 2015

Qwades (break) at athletics

One very unlucky day, it was athletics practice (and Qwade no like it reason will be uncovered soon). I actually forgot which line I was supposed to be in but then I got dragged to my line (this really happened I was dragged all the way to my line crazy right?!). Laziness was reaching my brain as I figured out that my first one was HIGH JUMP. I hate high jump! I keep failing, it's so hard, but this time it is going to be different. Oh no, it's almost my turn to jump. Look at him, he failed that jump, well I would do even worse than him because I'm slow and I can't jump high at all. When I tried I think I pulled a muscle really hard then I walked really slowly towards the end of the line… crying it hurt a lot (wa wa wa wa… whoops did I say that out loud?) So it continued  and I had a hurt leg for the whole of that afternoon.


Me and my friends Luke and Fraser were playing with the rope swings and Luke accidentally hit me in the face with one of the ropes. The rope was hard it hurt, so I had to get a ice pack. After lunch athletics started, since I hurt my face I had to stay with my mum (my mum is my teacher and see hosted sprinting in athletics I was there to make sure nobody cheated). I also went to the toilet a lot I saw that cam’ryn and grace found a tyre that had a tiny bit of wood inside for them to sit on. What about me? well I fell asleep.


“Another day at school” I said “i’m going to watch cat videos now… ow! what was that feeling in my arm it hurt” I said, “Hey Qwade its athletics day” said Mum. “Wait WHAT” I yelled “its athletics day” said mum “noooooooooo” I whispered. So I got out of bed (I mean I fell out of bed) and got dressed and asked my mum “hey can I stay home today because my arm hurts” my Mum rolled her eyes and said “Ask your grandmother” so I said “Thanks mum” so I went to ask my Nan and she said “Yes I think I saw some green stuff in your nose that's not snot so you can stay” “YAY” I said, so I stayed home watching minecraft playing minecraft and watching funny cat videos.

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