Thursday, 12 November 2015

WALT understand the story by retelling it in our own words!

1. After you have read your story, you must start with the understanding activity, which is, to retell the story in your own words.
2. Now you can choose which order you want to complete your tasks in.

One city two earthquakes
In Christchurch an earthquake shook and destroyed some buildings and stuff. Then five months passed and another earthquake happened and it killed more people and destroyed more buildings. People say that at least twenty-two people were killed by rubble. 

Looks like the church was the safest place ever because everyone in there did not die. 

Then people started to help out each other all of a sudden.

The reason Septembers earthquake was not as bad as the February earthquake is because the first one was not really near Christchurch but the over was right next to the centre of the earthquake.

They have soil that turns into a liquid when shaken that's dangerous.

Earthquakes are made by plates crashing into each other.

The pacific plate is the reason New Zealand has so much earthquakes.

Christchurch is not safe.

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