Sunday, 28 February 2016

Math with James

Her is some math, in this problem I have to halve and plus by using fractions/decimals, I have to add on people's weight, that's it
It's hard to see but I got some correct, yay?

Monday, 22 February 2016


This is my classes graden it looks pretty cool right?

Problem solving coolness 2016 also happy new year wait I already said that before

This is yellow because I am confused on question 2
I think he has done well because he answered all the questions (nikau)

Sunday, 21 February 2016


During week 2 we used this rich task to see which addition strategies were the most efficient for winning a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Nikau and I won a gold medal strategy. We both had two ways to work it out and we verbally justified our strategies. We also started going to James to have extra Math lessons.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Input name

Input name <kingdomboundtale> ITS A TRIPLE CROSSOVER THINGAMAJIG
WALT: make a myth or legend

Once upon a time in a not so mystical land there was a boy named bob! That's the whole story (just kidding!). One time bob played kingdom hearts, earthbound and undertale at the same time and then got a good idea to make a fake, not really good, legend with the name of this story then he made this part up, but for now let's get on to the real story. One day in traverse... Wait that was destroyed, well then, one day inside of hollow bastion Sora couldn't go to any more worlds so Merlin made a door to a different dimension called earthbound. So Sora went through the door to earthbound, oh yeah Jimminy Donald and Goofy is with Sora, "wow look at this view" said Sora, looks like Sora and the gang made it to onnet town, one of the city's in earthbound, "hey you!" ???? Said "what? Who are you" said Sora "you look tough can you help me?" Said ???? "Where are you?" Said Sora then a person emerged from the shadows "my name is Ness and FYI I was inside a dark mine" said Ness "so what do you want Ness?" Said Sora "you see, something was happening to the space time continuum, my friend Jeff tried to contain the anomaly, but it was to unstable, the anything left from the explosion is some serial from another dimension called Temmie flakes" said Ness (so what do you want him to do?) "what do you want me to do?" Said Sora (what he said) "I saw you go through that door to another dimension, so I need you to help me, you see Jeff didn't die he went to another dimension, if you need help Jeff's father is still here, he's more smart then Einstein" said Ness "well I got here because of Merlin the wizard" said Sora, so Sora gave the Temmie flakes to Merlin to analyse so he knows which dimension to send Sora and the gang with ness, it will take a while so Sora and Ness go to fight some evil aliens in the earthbound dimension, "how did these things get here" said Sora "they are being led by Giyagus but they don't know that me and my friends won against him" said Ness but then Jeff came out of thin air and with him is ness's other friends named Paula and Poo, also with some kid named frisk and a whole lot of monsters, looks like they found out that they aren't the real versions, but instead their just from a story made by a kid named bob, so they all find out where the portal to bobs house is, and fight him until he gives up and never publishes his story, that's a good ending, right?

The legend is if you crossover earthbound kingdom hearts and Undertale... The characters will come to life and beat you up!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Invention to help Robin Hood

This is my minecraft invention to help Robin Hood
That big brown thing is a sack that used to have gold in it but now it doesn't
Here is another picture of it
The magnet is sucking out all of the gold into the "gold launcher", you see the hidden pistons are pushing the gold towards the slime block, slime blocks are bouncy so the gold is launched towards the nearest poor person

Monday, 15 February 2016

Qwades Robin Hood book thing

hello I'm Qwade and I will show you some synonyms to a word in a Robin Hood Story.

Word: humble
Synonyms: soft spoken, courteous, modest, gentle, respectful, loyal, kind, nice, good, and brave

Here's some important information, I have autism