Wednesday, 23 March 2016

More camp stuff

W.A.L.T write a persuasive argument
This is my writing about camp
I give this a really good (Qwade)
I think this is good (Jamie)

Is El Rancho a safe and friendly place for you and your family? "El Rancho, once someone asked me if El Rancho was "safe". I thought for a second...

El Rancho, I went there once but it was actually so I could eat some s'mores for the first time (but I didn't get any s'mores 👿). There were fun but dangerous activities, those brainless fools don't know what their doing in that unsafe camp. The only person that knows the truth underneath is me, but you have a chance to understand what it really is like to be in El Rancho for three nights and four full days (by that I mean a long time).

The pool was so deep on one side someone could drown, but on the other side it is so swallow you could hit your knee (and it is really painful 👿). The horses they run and jump sometimes so if you haven't rode a horse before your gonna have a bad time (undertale reference!!!!!). At the bonfire the fire could set your clothes on fire, in spotlight you can't see where your going so you might trip over.

At archery/rifles you might accidentally shoot yourself or something. At the cabins dangerous spiders like a white tail etc, what if someone's in the toilet and then someone else comes into the cabin and goes into the toilet and accidentally see the other persons private parts (ew that's gross! 👿). In kayaking you might hit someone's head or tip over someone's kayak with your paddle thingamajig, and in rafting the timber or the rocks in the lake could cut you (hey I found my pet rock (undertale reference) in the lake, how did he get here?).

The food there is disgusting (not for me, I didn't mind the food but other people didn't like the food at all, I can say some names, Nikau, Logan etc) the only food that's worth eating are the deserts. In the skit concert you could have stage fright so you just stand on the stage while everyone else in the group would be yelling at you. Why is this bad? It's because the goal of camp is to make friends and I bet making people angry doesn't make any friends and they might even make you lose some of your old friends (noooooo! You evil camp 👿)

When you go down the water slide you get wedged by the water and I know that it will hurt. After you go down the slip 'n' slide while your walking off the slip 'n' slide to get in line you might slip over and someone might go down and accidentally crash into you. When your at the beach you might trip over and get sand in your eyes or you could stand on a sharp stick that's sticking out of the ground. At the beach a crab might appear and try to attack you, when your in the ocean (kinda) there might be a dangerous kind of fish like a shark etc.

So yeah that's why you shouldn't go to El Rancho, it's too dangerous. So dangerous in fact that you might die there (now I'm making El Rancho some kind of real life goosebumps (you know that book franchise) horror land). Here's a percentage out of 10 of how dangerous El Rancho is, I give it a 9/10, man  that's really dangerous.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Geometry passport 2016 (that's oddly specific)

My homework with James was cool we have to make a quiz/adventure/math quest/mystery
This is the plan
It's not clear but I bet someone can read all of it (I hope not)
Also this is something not important

Thursday, 17 March 2016

El Rancho

W.A.L.T build positive relationships
This is my diary of the time I was at El Rancho
This is in the middle, I don't know what to think of it
This is top notch and you should publish it (Logan)
But first my goals for camp (I didn't complete the second one)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Math task

I am doing some math tasks
The price of the painting is $3,500

Okatia writing (The BEGging) part Qwade and Jai

This is my writing about the Maori legend Okatia
W.A.L.T: rewrite myths and legends
I give myself a green because I actually did this all by myself, Jai was sick
Green because Qwade did while I was sick (from Jai)

The story of Okatia part Qwade and Jai

A lot of years ago there was a spirit named Okātia. Okātia lived in a forest in the Manawatu. Okātia was trapped in a strong kind of tree that was colossal compared to everything else on his island. One day the tree man Okatia became bored because he was too overpowered. Suddenly, he heard that there was something bigger than the island he stood on. So Mr tree human fell onto the grass and started wobbling to his destination. Everything that stood in his way would be squashed because he didn't know that there were animals in his way, the only things that survived so far were some tiny ferns, how did they survive? They just pretended to be Christmas decorations and hung onto the tree guys branches. When the tree dude was wobbling he was digging into the ground in a wobbly line with water from lakes and rivers chasing him. The water filled the wobbly trail of dirt and made a long beautiful river.

Reading task with myths and legends

This is my reading about myths and legends
W.A.L.T: compare the similarities and differences between 2 stories
I give myself yellow I think I could have done better
I think he did well because he has lots of differences and similarities (nikau)