Thursday, 3 March 2016

Okatia writing (The BEGging) part Qwade and Jai

This is my writing about the Maori legend Okatia
W.A.L.T: rewrite myths and legends
I give myself a green because I actually did this all by myself, Jai was sick
Green because Qwade did while I was sick (from Jai)

The story of Okatia part Qwade and Jai

A lot of years ago there was a spirit named Okātia. Okātia lived in a forest in the Manawatu. Okātia was trapped in a strong kind of tree that was colossal compared to everything else on his island. One day the tree man Okatia became bored because he was too overpowered. Suddenly, he heard that there was something bigger than the island he stood on. So Mr tree human fell onto the grass and started wobbling to his destination. Everything that stood in his way would be squashed because he didn't know that there were animals in his way, the only things that survived so far were some tiny ferns, how did they survive? They just pretended to be Christmas decorations and hung onto the tree guys branches. When the tree dude was wobbling he was digging into the ground in a wobbly line with water from lakes and rivers chasing him. The water filled the wobbly trail of dirt and made a long beautiful river.

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