Monday, 30 May 2016

Qwade makes ruler

Description:Qwade makes rulers for SCIENCE
W.A.L.T:draw a ruler
Here is the photos
I like this ruler very much cause it is long
It's amazing from James

Thursday, 26 May 2016

some more maths for you!

Qwade shall do math... You shall not pass!!!!!!!!!!! (I like turtles... What R DOSE)
I think Qwade did well because he answered all of them and got most of them right 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Qwades space class-s-s-s-s

W.A.L.T:investigate the relationship between the sun the earth and the moon
Description: watch my thing about space in the link below
It was nice and long (Qwade)
Nice job Qwade it is nice and long and very clear and also very interesting. Loganb👍🏻

Also here is my assessment thingamajig

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The re-written story of a Chinese folk tale by me

W.A.L.T: retell a story
This is good (Qwade)
It is cool and big (Logan)
This is my retelling of a Chinese folk tale here is the original thing
Ok now here is my retelling
One day in the heavens/some place near the moon, there was a garden. The gods decided to plant some pearls in the ground to grow random stuff like flowers, and waterfalls. but one pearl grew into a big long fire dragon. But the gods were lazy and sent some spirits into the garden. One spirit that was named Wu Kang was in charge of taking care of the dragon but instead of taking care of the dragon Wu Kang got drunk and had to go get the dragon from the beach to the garden but this time is different. Instead of Wu Kang going to the garden with the dragon, he gambled his dragon just to play a game of chess. Guess what? Wu Kang lost his dragon and the gods trust so the only way to get that trust back is if Wu Kang cuts down all the branches on the tree but every time he cuts a branch a new and bigger branch grows back, so this means Wu Kang couldn't do anything else but cut down the branches. So when you look at the moon you can see the branches falling to the floor, that was some random Chinese myth/folk tale that was re-written by Qwade Parker.