Sunday, 20 November 2016

I'm making a book named Crystal Clear

Here is chapter one

Chapter One: The Crystal

Hello and welcome to my story, my name is Lucas, I like adventuring, video games and sports. December 25th 1997, that's the day everything changed...

"Merry Christmas!" Yelled Lucas's whole family "wow! Look at all these presents" there were hundreds of thousands of presents right in front of him AND... It's just a dream *very long yawn* "dang it, it was just a dream!?" Yelled Lucas "SHHHHHH" angrily said by Lucas's family "we're trying to sleep" oh yeah forgot to tell ya that it's Christmas Eve (technically) "Maybe I might be able to open ONE birthday present" thought Lucas. Lucas decided to sneak out of his bed to open ONLY ONE present, "hmm what's that?" He sees a glowing but dim purple light coming from underneath the carpet, "what's this thing doing underneath the carpet" he looks underneath the carpet and sees a crystal (if that wasn't already CLEAR! Hahahahaha) "someone must have dropped it?" Questioned Lucas. So Lucas decided to make a necklace to wear it (cause it looked very fashionable if it was on a necklace) this was his new "good luck charm" I don't know what happened to his old one but who cares lets get back to the story

December 25th 1997 (that is today)

"Hey butt face were'd you get your little necklace!" Yelled Lucas's little brother Frost (that's the irony his name is Frost like as gentle as snow but he's actually a bully) "mind your own business Frost!" Lucas yelled back "Stop it you two it's now Christmas, you two could at least be friendly to each other!" Yelled Lucas's big sister Jade, okay before I tell you more of the story here is Lucas's siblings (oldest to youngest) Jade, Rain, Lightning, Emerald, Opalescent (aka Opal), Ruby, Lucas (Main character), Frost, Snow (twins with Frost), Lucas Junior and Sapphire. So basically the family did Christmas presents and all that stuff but while they were watching a Christmas movie they ran out of popcorn "Lucas!! Did you eat all the popcorn again!!" Yelled the family "fine I admit it I ate all the popcorn, I'll get some more popcorn" said Lucas calmly, while Lucas was getting the popcorn he saw his crystal was going bonkers and was pointing towards the... Door? Why would it be aiming towards the door? The crystals not magnetic so why would it be responding to the door?

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